What Pregnancy Centers Provide and Why They are Being Targeted

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know Roe v. Wade has been overturned! This ends almost 50 years of bad legislation and justice not served. The issue of abortion and Supreme Court decision have caused major upheaval and preparations on both sides of the argument. If you didn’t know, radical groups like Jane’s Revenge and the Women’s March are promising a “summer of rage” against pregnancy centers across the nation. Pregnancy centers are being forced into getting security measures in place to protect their staff and volunteers – including the one I work at.

There have already been numerous attacks against pregnancy centers with messages spray painted on the sidewalks of the centers reading, “If abortion isn’t safe than neither are you,” firebombings, vandalism, bad reviews left on social media (often from people that have never stepped foot in a pregnancy center), the list goes on and on. The irony of the people screaming about protecting women are trying to destroy a women’s center…it is almost unbelievable. Almost.

The same people that are devastated about the loss of ‘women’s rights’ are the very same people that cannot define a woman and will shout in your face that men can have abortions as if there is nothing unique to a woman. It reminds me of an abusive relationship… if the women have somewhere else to go. Things get violent.

The “If I can’t have you no one can” mentality. Why the pregnancy centers? The pro-life community is larger than pregnancy centers. Private foster care programs. Adoption agencies. Hospitals and clinics? Maternity homes? What about places like La Leche League? What about domestic abuse shelters? All places that not only value life but make a way to help it THRIVE. (Many are faith based) My guess… if you target the centers first… all the others are irrelevant.

While not every pregnancy center is the same, I want to share with you what many of them offer and how you can help them! This following list isn’t exhaustive but what I am familiar with:

  1. Material Services: Diapers, Wipes, and Formula. Without hassle or taking away someone’s dignity, if you show up in need and simply ask. They will give it to you. Recently, with the formula shortage centers can be a source for people having a hard time finding formula. Maternity clothes for emergencies. I have seen automobile help arranged, college saving plans given, and the list goes on.
  2. Diapers for the first year: A program that connects a donor with a woman in need.
  3. Mentors to walk through the pregnancy with a curriculum that educates and prepares them to be the best parents they can be. They do earn “Baby Bucks” to spend at a boutique of new baby items. By the time she is finished with her pregnancy, she can have almost everything she needs and it will not cost her anything for education!
  4. Atmosphere where men are not the enemy and mentors for them if they need them – Men can be just as overwhelmed as the women are!
  5. Post Abortion Support: For those that got an abortion, and it wasn’t what they thought it was.
  6. Free Pregnancy Tests
  7. Free Ultrasounds
  8. Many are working on FREE STD/ STI testing & treatment.
  9. Provide free services to everyone regardless of ethnic background, immigration status, or belief system.

And because Roe v. Wade was overturned, they need to be burned down, looted, harassed, or destroyed? The list above must stop…? How to Help?

  1. The biggest thing you can do is know the truth. Go to a center. Walk through. Know what they offer!
  2. Talk about it. Talk about it a lot! At church. At home. At school. Ask if those places know about or better yet support them?
  3. Volunteer! Stuff envelopes, paint walls, mow their lawns, the list is endless!
  4. Provide Financial Support. $20 bucks isn’t even a tank of gas now. Might as well donate to the pregnancy center!
  5. Pray…Why? Because 1. It works! 2. Because if you take a holistic approach helping women… her spirit and faith matters as much as her body.

The truth is…this is just the beginning! This is the first step. This where the work starts!

To read about my visits to two pregnancy resource centers in Lubbock, Texas CLICK HERE and HERE!


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